Exhibition stands for Italy

Planning an exhibition in Italy?

Then you are at the right place. InstoreMasters supplies a wide variety of professional and quality exhibition stands. We have over two decades of experience providing the best exhibition solutions. To deliver a successful exhibition means to provide it on time and budget. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each of their goals is met.

We are amongst Italy’s leading exhibition design companies and we offer end to end solutions for an unbeaten exhibition experience. The Italian economy has come out of recession and is back on the track of growth, following a path similar to that of the other European countries. Italy is world’s 8th largest economy with a GDP in 2011. Exhibiting in Italy enables your business to grow intensely and helps you grab attention in the European market.

A correctly planed exhibition can bring you a wide array of visitors which can thereby increase the brand awareness and maximise your exposure at Italy. We help you become the most sought after brand in Italian Expos!

Why are exhibitions so effective?

  • They are an effective way to bring buyers and sellers together
  • They let you show your products in real life settings
  • They help develop a direct, personal relationship with the clients
  • They encourage instant feedback
  • They help to create a good database
  • They make it easy to find new agents and distributors
  • They help to gain new business and new leads

InstoreMasters’ commitment to flawless design and quality has made us the forerunner in the BTL industry. Our experience and expertise in the field helped us to build a long list of satisfied clients and partners. We are constantly expanding our services to new countries and new allies.

Our solutions include exhibition stand design, exhibition stand manufacture, exhibition stand accessories and exhibition stall fabrication. We have partners and affiliates in many parts of Italy including Rome, Venice, Milan and Naples.

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Turnkey or Installation

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A Few Clients Who Appreciate Us
    Design Consultancy
Exhibition Design Consultancy

Exhibition Design Consultancy

Feel free to discuss your project with us. Our outstanding design and construction team provides you with exhibition designs that best suits to you. We provide design, hardware and everything in tune with your budget. Captivate your customers through our mesmerising designs. For more info on contracting your exhibition project, please contact us.
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             Custom Pavilion
Custom Pavilion

Custom Exhibition Stands

We have been creating bespoke stands for companies in the Middle East since 1992. We have our networks in many parts of Europe also. We can provide you the best made custom pavilions which make you stand out from the rest.
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                   Rental Stands
Rental Stands

Rental Exhibition Stands

If you are going for one time exhibition, or your requirements are likely to change constantly, then rental exhibition stand is the best choice. Exhibiting at trade shows can be a large investment, but you can save money and storage space by hiring exhibition stands.
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Our rental service takes the stress out of you and ensures a successful exhibition without a long-term investment. You can save cost immensely by hiring exhibition stands from InstoreMasters. Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand

Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand has many benefits such as:

•   A tension free exhibiting
•   Maximum output without long-term investment
•   Any size of exhibition stand can be hired
•   Low environmental impact
•   No need to search for storage facility

        Reusable Pavilion
Modular, Portable and Reusable Pavilion

Reusable Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are flexible and can be adapted to suit any event. They are easy to configure. It can be configured wholly or split up to use the needed parts so that exhibitor to change their marketing messages from exhibitions to exhibitions.
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                     Shell Scheme
Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme

A shell scheme is a system made up of panels and poles which can be configured to suit an exhibition stand or space of any size. You just have to dress up this shell scheme! Graphics can be fixed to the shell scheme easily without much little time and effort.
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 Installation Services
Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Generally setting up an exhibition stand is a tedious work and is can even cause minor nervous breakdown to an exhibition planner. We have made it simple for our customers with our in-house installation specialists who would take care of every minute detail. Our associates are available in all cities in Italy.
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We always allocate installation teams for each client, regardless of the size of the project. We utilises our partner network across the world to reduce shipping costs. We offer storage of materials for clients at competitive rates in our warehouses. It’s easy for us to organise the transferring of exhibition equipment to any location around the GCC through our partners. Our warehouse staffs check if all the materials are in proper function before shipping it to the venue.

      Exhibition Displays
Exhibition Display Supplies

Exhibition Display Supplies

InstoreMasters provide our clients with all the necessary display supplies needed to make the exhibition stand the ultimate crowd puller. We supply beautiful displays that are portable and easy to install. A simple and basic shell scheme can be turned into an attractive pavilion by using the right kind of displays.
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               Rental Displays
Exhibition Supplies- Rental

Exhibition Supplies- Rental

Exhibitors can opt for rental display options, instead of custom supplies, which in turn save time, money and effort, especially in the case of one time exhibitors. We have partners and associates in all major cities in Italy which helps us deliver the project at the right time.
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                   Truss Systems
Truss Systems

Truss Systems

Truss systems are tough and durable aluminium frames on which display panels, lights and shelves are attached to create an exhibition pavilion. We offer a wide range of truss systems which are easy to build and carry.
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We offer a wide range of truss systems which are easy to build and carry. A wide set of add-on options are also available. Truss system can be configured to suit any size and shape, from the standard solutions to complex exhibition designs and is also customizable according to the preferred sizes.

                    Business Gifts
Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways

Offering corporate gifts has a great role in promoting a brand. Business gifts like pen, mug, USB memory stick, T-shirt, mouse pad, bag and golf bag imprinted with the brand name are common at trade shows. We supply all kinds of business gifts, giveaways and other promotional items that can promote your brand value.
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Do you have any questions regarding exhibition stands? Have a look at our FAQs.


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