Retail Interiors

At InstoreMasters, we believe that the design of your store is vital to driving business in-store. We design incredible retail spaces that capitalize on the customer experience while satisfying your store requirements that are unique to your brand. We have a culture that never settles for anything until the design is extraordinary and we are driven to deliver practical and impeccable design solutions. From compelling design enhancement to complete store designs, our team of designers help you visualize your shop and bring your store design to life. We create our retail displays in a wide variety of sizes, styles and materials to form to make shopping at your store an exhilarating experience. Retail design concepts are made available (to the client) as 3D drawings & MEPs to submit it for approval from the responsible authorities. At InstoreMasters we have solutions for every type of store design queries. Whether it is for a new store or revamping an existing store, our team will help you from designing to creating the right retail appearance.

Why choose InstoreMasters?

The atmospheric goal of all stores is to develop its own personality and attitude, thus impressing the store visitors. InstoreMasters changes the way your store looks. We do it by combining high quality large volume manufacturing, superior technology and seamless integration. No one else can bring your ideas to life and give a life to your store, better than us.

• With our 25 years’ experience we have a large bank of knowledge and expertise in the BTL industry.

• We use latest technology in designing and creating retail environments that will appeal to today’s net savvy generation.

• We use superior equipment for determining in-store traffic flow to produce the best comprehensive fixture solution for the customer's specific needs.

• In-house controlled manufacturing of the primary materials which is used in the production of visually appealing interiors.

• Utmost customer satisfaction as we are firm on the highest level of production controls and accurate scheduling.

• Design and aesthetics are more than simple nuances of retail design.

• They help showcase the product in an appealing manner.

• Creates a sense of excitement leading customers inside.

• Essential for creating the brand image of a particular product.

• Reflect the brand’s overall business attitude.

We provide full range of interior design services which includes - Interior design consultancy, Space planning, Design Concept Development, Tender drawing, Project management, Interior design renovation.

It’s not enough to have a reliable product or offer a reliable service. You have to draw people to it. We begin the process with a thorough assessment of your current decors and products. We create retail interiors that are functional and attractive, using elements of minimalism and futurism to create places that are simple and easy to navigate and a joy to see. Our passion for sustainability and our drive to infuse modernity into every project – be it a restaurant or a villa – puts as at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our aim is to create captivating environments that effectively communicate our clients' brand values, and enable a customer to enjoy their visit to a store and feel good about their purchase. We are a corporate and retail interior architecture and design company located in Dubai.

With corporate clients throughout the Middle East and having collaborated with ID & Design International on retail projects throughout the United States, we offer a full scope of design services including: space planning, concept development, interior architecture, technical drawings, and site

supervision. Sustainable design is always a consideration in all of our projects, whether or not the project is to be certified LEED or not, as our designers are highly mindful of the impact of design elements on the environment. The Kiva team infuses their knowledge and passion into each phase of a construction project. No matter the size or scope of a mandate, Kiva’s ultimate goal is to deliver value, ingenuity and practicality through design.

Our design aim to fulfill two objectives; efficiency and ergonomics. We put every inch to productive use, while preserving the harmony and aesthetics of the total space. We understand the unique challenges of designing in Dubai and meet them with the skills of a talented and diversified team of professionals.

We are renowned for our professionalism in providing the best solutions for the Retail Interiors. We have been striving to forward a new standard of retail design all over the Middle East, North Africa and South East Asia. Our work is spread across UAE -Dubai, Saudi Arabia -Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Bahrain- Manama, Qatar- Doha, Egypt -Cairo, Lebanon-Beirut, Jordan-Amman, Syria-Damascus, Turkey-Istanbul, Iran-Tehran Iraq-Baghdad, Sudan-Khartoum, Nigeria- Lagos, India-Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Russia- Moscow, Bangladesh-Dhaka, Sri Lanka-Colombo, Pakistan-Karachi. We have arranged strategic partnerships with top manufacturing companies in the EU, USA and Far East to bring our clients the top notch products at the best prices.

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A Few Clients Who Appreciate Us

      Design consultants

Store design consultants

Store design consultants

Our experience in the field has allowed us to satisfy customers ranging from upscale retail boutiques to small specialty stores. Our design capabilities have created stores that not only look good but also sell goods.

                  Retail formats

Fulfillment- Retail formats

Fulfillment- Retail formats

A good retail format will bring in heavy footfall in the store. On the whole, format is the look and feel of the retail store that will bring in customers and ultimately growth for the business venture. Our in-house production facility will help you create retail formats with global appeal.

     Fulfillment - Kiosks

Fulfillment-Portable retail Kiosks or Mall carts

Fulfillment-Portable retail Kiosks or Mall carts

Portable retail kiosks or mall carts are custom designed according to the needs of the clients. These mini stores serve as customer interest points inside the mall or large commercial centers. We design and manufacture retail kiosks with superior quality materials in fabrics, lighting, security and fixtures.

           furniture & signs

Fulfillment - Store furniture and signs

Fulfillment - Store furniture and signs

Creative signs are like an instant make over for your shop and will successfully persuade the customer to enter the store. Attractive furniture also makes a good impression about the store. It should match the décor and the ambience of the store. Our 20 years experience in the field of retail design can help you get the correct solutions for store furniture and designs.

                Cable displays

Fixtures and Cable displays

Fixtures and Cable displays

InstoreMasters is committed to providing the highest quality Retail Fixtures and cable displays for retail design solutions. In fact we are the pioneers in providing such supplies for the entire Middle East.

                     posters signs

Promotional posters signs and display aids

Promotional posters signs and display aids

Good promotional activities can go a long way in creating a successful advertising campaign. At instoreMasters has been providing our clients with top notch products for over 20 years. We design to take your promotional campaign to the next level.

                   Shop-in Shop

Shop-in Shop displays

Shop-in Shop displays

This is one area of BTL advertising where retailers tend to put in displays which are amateurish and worthless. Shop-in-shop displays need to be properly designed by professionals and that’s where we come in. instoreMasters is one of the premier companies in the Middle East which provides shop in shop displays since 1992.

         Custom Shelving

Fulfillment – Custom Shelving

Fulfillment – Custom Shelving

We provide custom shelving for retailers that are functional, elegant and sleek. Efficient shelving makes it convenient and easy for customers to find products and attractively display.

       Modular Shelving

Fulfillment – Modular Shelving

Fulfillment – Modular Shelving

We provide modular shelving ranges to clients that are flexible, adjustable multipurpose and can be used in any retail environment. Size, shapes and other configurations are available to best suit your business needs.

  Grid & Peg Displays

Fulfillment- Grid and Peg Displays

Fulfillment- Grid and Peg Displays

Grid display units are versatile so they can be used in a number of ways around your store. Peg display boards and hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes to better suit your needs. instoreMasters has a ready supply of grid and peg displays that can be provided as per your requirements.

   Supermarket Ideas

Fulfillment – Supermarket Solution

Fulfillment – Supermarket Solution

We have innovative shop fitting ideas especially for supermarkets and large departmental stores. Whether it is for refrigeration, displays for bakery and processed items, shelving for groceries or machinery, hanging equipments and accessories, we have everything a supermarket retailer may possibly need.

      Non-display Ideas

Fulfillment – Non-display solutions

Fulfillment – Non-display solutions

We’ve been around for 20 years and we know the perfect solutions to retail design queries, whether it is display related or not. In addition to retail fixtures and display items we also offer non display items through our partnerships with affiliates and suppliers.


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