InstoreMasters has been the leading supplier and manufacturer of display mannequins for years in the Middle East. Whether you are looking for mannequins in the shape of a male, a female or a child, we have them all in a variety of styles. We offer high quality display mannequins by combining our 25 years of experience in visual merchandising, creativity and know-how. All mannequins are manufactured according to the needs of the customer and market trends.

What makes our mannequins unique?

  • Contracting expertise serving large retail chains and individual mannequin retailers ensuring maximum quality and quick delivery of mannequins at the best possible price.
  • A track record of over 24 years with a multi-national client list proves our competence.
  • We are conveniently located in Dubai with branches across the Middle East and Europe.
  • Renowned for delivering mannequins in any part of the world, thanks to our partner network.
  • Complying with international quality standards, our mannequins bring together elegance, charm and simplicity.

All our mannequins are designed by talented designers after accessing the needs of various industry sectors. Our mannequins express a lot of attitude and poise which convince the customer to buy. InstoreMasters is particular about creativity, luxury, fashion and innovation and we achieve this through our special mannequin collection. As one of the largest mannequin suppliers in the Middle East and Europe, we have a time-honored track record of designing, manufacturing and supplying world class mannequins. Our smartly designed mannequins are available in different postures, colors and finishing touches. We also create customized mannequin and also renovate your old display mannequins. We supply all types of mannequins, made up of different materials including wood, wax, fiber-glass and plastic, according to the requirement of customers.

The mannequins can be life size, bust or torso. Most of them are available in different poses to give them a life-like look. Mannequins can be further divided into realistic mannequin, abstract mannequin, headless mannequin etc. according to the styles. We also provide customized mannequins upon request. You can tell us the preferred features you require from our categories and we can blend those features to get you a customized mannequin.

We also provide flexible, realistic, sporty innovative mannequins and display accessories like hangers & display racks. Our display hangers are made of metal, aluminium, wood, plastic and satin materials. All our hangers are perfectly shaped and environmental friendly. The quality and nature of our hangers are marked by its durability and longevity of usage.

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         Male Mannequins

Custom Fixtures

Male Mannequins

Male mannequins come with a strong body, beautifully sculpted body line & handsome look and are available in standing or sitting position. InstoreMasters ‘mannequins have superb finish with scratch proof surface and excellent polish. All mannequins are available in different sizes and postures in various bases, styles and postures.

 Female Mannequins

POP Aids and Accessories

Female Mannequins

Female mannequins are beautiful dummies that imitate the figure of a lady with a slim body and pretty posture. They are available in a variety of styles, poses and colors with matt and gloss finishes. Our mannequins have realistic body to give customers a good understanding of how the garments can look like when draped on them.

         Kids Mannequins

Permanent displays

Kids Mannequins

Child mannequins are mannequins built to the scale of a child. These mannequins are made specifically for displaying children’s dresses and accessories. Children mannequins reflect the charisma and cuteness of kids. They are durable and flexible. We have a wide range of designer child mannequins that are perfect for merchandising and look great as shop window displays.

  Special Mannequins

Temporary Displays

Special Mannequins

Apart from the standard mannequins, we provide some special mannequins which are of high quality, each with its own unique charisma. These are the most luxurious kind of mannequins which are available in different styles, poses, finishing and sizes. We also undertake specified production of certain pose and style and customize it for you according to your request.

    Rental Mannequins

POP and POS signs

Rental Mannequins

At InstoreMasters we have a wide range of rental mannequins covering a variety of colours; styles and poses. We offer both short term and long term rental which includes mannequins from low budget to high budget top brands, both new and used. You can choose the right mannequin to showcase your costume to their full potential.


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We supply contemporary hangers ideal for your store, which include metal hangers, plastic hangers, aluminium hangers and wooden hangers. Our hangers can be purchased in bulk according to your store or brand requirement. Our clothing hangers are durable and stylish, specially designed to effectively display your stock.

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