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Suppliers/designers of POP displays, POS design, banner stands, Posters and dispensers in Dubai, Saudi.

FAQ on Exhibition Stands

1 Q : Why does a brand/business attend exhibitions?

1 A : Promoting a product or service through exhibitions and trade shows offers excellent opportunities to increase business exposure and sales. Exhibition is the most powerful and cost effective method of reaching the key decision makers directly.

2 Q : My company has never exhibited at a trade show before. What kind of display do you recommend for new exhibitors?

2 A : If you are exhibiting for the first time, we would recommend renting an exhibition stand or a shell scheme.

3 Q : How do I make arrangements for shipping a trade show display?

3 A : If your trade show venue comes under our shipping locales, we just need the details of your trade show location and the date of exhibiting. We’ll do the rest!

4 Q : What is your turn around time? Can I rush an order?

4 A : Our turnaround times vary according to the size of the trade show graphics, you ordered. Most orders are fulfilled within 1-2 week from the receipt of usable artwork. One test print is done before final production.

5 Q : I own an exhibition stand. Do you provide storage facilities for our exhibition stand?

5 A : Yes, we offer exhibition stand storage service in some cases, if requested. Contact our representative to learn more about this availability and pricing.

6 Q : Can we provide our own stand design?

6 A : Yes, you can provide us a stand design. But be sure that you have the permission to use the design. Our customers often send us designs or sketches and we are happy to work with them thorough the manufacturing and installation of the stand.

7 Q : Can we order our own electrics, carpet or other accessories?

7 A : Of course. We provide all kinds of trade show accessories and we will also help you prepare a plan for this.

8 Q : Do you supply exhibition stands on a hire only basis?

8 A : Yes we provide rental exhibition stands at comparatively affordable rates. Our trade show stands are easy to set up too. In case you need assistance our team will install the stand for you.

9 Q : Can we hire stands from you and install ourselves?

9 A : Yes, you can do the installation and if requested, we can set up a demo on how to install the stand prior to your show.

10 Q : Do you supply lighting?

10 A : Yes, we supply a wide range of lighting accessories for sale and for hire.

11 Q : Do you charge for exhibition stand design?

11 A : Yes, we charge for the designs. But we offer free designs also. If you choose designs from our template gallery, we charge only for the production and installation and not for the design. We select the most suitable design for your stand requirement and we don’t even charge for minor customization.

12 Q : What are the different types of exhibition stands you offer?

12 A : We supply all kinds of exhibition stands. Our main categories include custom exhibition stands, modular exhibition stands, rental exhibition stands and shell scheme.

13 Q : How long does it take for the production and installation of an exhibition stand?

13 A : The production time depends on the design and the type and size of the stand. Generally it takes about 2-3 weeks time for the production once the exhibition stand design is confirmed. And for stand installation it would take only less than 24 hours.

14 Q : What are the true costs of participation in a business expo?

14 A : The true cost of participation in an exhibition would include the cost of the exhibition space, cost of the trade show stand & accessories, storage and shipping charges etc. Of these, the only things that can be re-used at other venues are the exhibition stand, stand artwork and accessories. So consider allocating the budget wisely.

15 Q : What type of stand should I choose? Tell me the type of exhibition stand and graphics.

15 A : The type of exhibition stand should be chosen according to how long you would need that stand. If you are a regular exhibitor you had better buy a custom exhibition stand. If it’s for long term we recommend modular exhibition stand and for first time exhibitors, rental exhibition stands or shell scheme. For more details check http://instoremasters.com/rental-exhibitionstand-designers-contractors-riyadh-saudi.html

16 Q : Can you advise on the size of the exhibition stand to be booked?

16 A : The size of your stand choice should be determined by your objectives, the kind of exhibition and the size of the exhibiting space.Feel free to contact sales@instoremasters.com for independent advice.

17 Q : Is there any trick to attract visitors/customers to the stand?

17 A : An effective stand will draw visitors in. Our professionally designed graphics creates a lasting impression on the visitor.

18 Q : From what stage do you take over the stand arrangements?

18 A : We offer a complete service from conception to completion. This means you can have a tension free exhibition; we take care of the design, manufacturing and installation of your trade show stand.

19 Q : If I chose a shell scheme, is there any way to enhance it to make it stand out?

19 A : We can enhance your shell scheme system by adding some trade show accessories. You just need to buy or hire some accessories.

20 Q : What kind of materials do you use to manufacture exhibition stands?

20 A : We use a wide range of materials according to what your design demands (like parquet, steel, laminate, high quality painting, MDF, wood, aluminium, glass, acrylics,etc.). All materials are decided according to the venue guidelines.

21 Q : What sort of events do you support?

21 A : We provide support and services for all kinds of events like trade shows, expos and road shows.

22 Q : How to decide which exhibitions to be attended?

22 A : Exhibitions provide an opportunity for potential clients to check and experience your product or service at first hand. So you need to do a little research to find out as much information as possible to decide which exhibition to attend. You can also check our event list, http://instoremasters.com/exhibitions.html

23 Q : Do you produce graphics for my exhibition display, if I provide images?

23 A : Yes, you can take advantage of our in-house creative design team. We are exceptional in quality standards and we ensure that our printed graphics meet your objectives.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about exhibition stands. If you have more questions please contact us.