Exhibition Stands For Canada

Exhibitions can work wonders for the company. Combined with an effective design language, a company can bridge the gap in its marketing communication. Trade shows and exhibitions is one of the vital marketing techniques of a company. InstoreMasters help you concentrate on your core business by taking the responsibility of designing and setting up your exhibition stands.

An exhibition stand should reflect the company’s brand image as well as create an ambiance. To craft an exhibition stand that can accomplish both of this, the exhibition design needs should be planned to the utmost detail. InstoreMasters provides you with innovative and remarkable exhibition stands that help you succeed at any major exhibitions.

Planning To Show Up At Canadian Exhibitions?

Then you are at the right place. InstoreMasters offers a wide variety of professional and quality exhibition stands. The exhibition market in Canada is booming and companies are nowadays adopting custom created exhibition stands. InstoreMasters has over two decades of experience providing exhibition solutions and we have a pool of creative talents for all your exhibition needs.

Why are exhibitions so Powerful?

  • It’s the perfect place to introduce your company to qualified buyers.
  • Direct face to face communication with the buyers is possible
  • Exhibiting yield solid results even if your company is in this start up stage.
  • A good opportunity for the companies to demonstrate their products and services.
  • Excellent platform to launch a new product
  • An excellent way to generate comprehensive leads

Create The Ideal Exhibition Stand With InstoreMasters

We help you design reusable exhibition stands or custom exhibition stands according to your requirements. You can also choose from our extensive range of products and services such as custom exhibition pavilion, shell scheme exhibition, modular trade show pavilion, exhibition installation & storage service, exhibition display supplies, non-display furniture and equipments, exhibition rental displays, event hosting staff and exhibition giveaway gifts.

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A Few Clients Who Appreciate Us
    Design Consultancy
Exhibition Design Consultancy

Exhibition Design Consultancy

Our outstanding design and construction team will help you develop an exhibition stand that can make visitors flow into your booth. We provide hardware, design, materials and other equipments, everything in tune with your budget. We make sure if your exhibition stand makes a lasting impact on your customers.
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             Custom Pavilion
Custom Pavilion

Custom Exhibition Stands

We have been creating bespoke standsfor companies in Canada for the past few years.We are experts in providing custom made pavilions that makes your pavilion stand out from the rest. We are familiar with all the major venues in Canada.
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                   Rental Stands
Rental Stands

Rental Exhibition Stands

If you are going for one time exhibition, or your requirements are likely to change constantly, then rental exhibition stand is the best choice. Exhibiting at trade shows can be a large investment, but you can save money and storage space by hiring exhibition stands.
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Our rental service takes the stress out of you and ensures a successful exhibition without a long-term investment. You can save cost immensely by hiring exhibition stands from InstoreMasters. Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand

Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand has many benefits such as:

•   A tension free exhibiting
•   Maximum output without long-term investment
•   Any size of exhibition stand can be hired
•   Low environmental impact
•   No need to search for storage facility

        Reusable Pavilion
Modular, Portable and Reusable Pavilion

Reusable Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands are flexible and can be modified according to the type of event. They are easy to set up and do not require the assistance of a trained staff. It can be configured wholly or split up and use the needed parts.
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                     Shell Scheme
Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme

The easiest kind of exhibition stand is the shell scheme. The shell scheme has a set of poles and panels which are set up to match any type of exhibition stand. Graphics can be fixed to the shell scheme with very little time and effort. You can set up a shell scheme in no time and your exhibition stand is ready!
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 Installation Services
Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Setting up an exhibition stand is not an easy task and can even cause a minor nervous breakdown in an exhibition planner. We have made it simple for our customers with our in-house installation specialists who would take care of even the minute detail. We provide assistance through our associates in almost all cities in Canada.
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      Exhibition Displays
Exhibition Display Supplies

Exhibition Display Supplies

At InstoreMasters we provide our clients with all the necessary display supplies to enhance the whole appearance of the exhibition stand. We supply beautiful graphic displays that are portable and easy to install. A simple shell scheme can be made more attractive with the right kind of displays.
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               Rental Displays
Exhibition Supplies- Rental

Exhibition Supplies- Rental

We provide rental services of exhibition stands, exhibition display supplies and other accessories. The rental services are meant for one time exhibitors which will help them save time money and effort through rented display options.
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                   Truss Systems
Truss Systems

Truss Systems

Truss systems are tough and durable aluminum frames on which display panels, lights and shelves are attached. We offer a wide range of versatile and quality truss systems which are very easy to set up and transfer.
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                    Business Gifts
Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways

Promotional gifts are always special gifts which can leave a memorable remark about the company. Gifts like printed pens, USB memory sticks, T-shirts, bags etc. imprinted with the brand name definitely increase the value of the brand. We supply all kinds of business gifts which uniquely increase the brand value of your product/service.
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