Exhibition Stand Design and Construction for Dubai Exhibitions

UAE is undoubtedly one of the favourite destinations for international business meetings, conventions, trade shows and any kind of exhibitions. Winning of Expo 2020 has brought Dubai to the vanguard of the world. Nobody would discard any exhibition opportunity that is available in this fast developing country. If you are new to exhibiting in UAE, you can be a bit uneasy about finding a suitable exhibition contractor. InstoreMasters can put you at ease; we are one of the renowned exhibition suppliers primarily based in Dubai, with branches all over the Middle East. InstoreMasters’ efficiency in completing rush projects in any UAE venue has made it No.1 in the niche markets of design and manufacture of exhibition stands & pavilions in the UAE.

InstoreMasters’ efficiency in completing rush projects in any UAE venue has made it No.1 in the niche markets of design and manufacture of exhibition stands & pavilions in the UAE. Reputation of InstoreMasters is in the following:

Reputation of InstoreMasters is in the following:

  • Contracting expertise in exhibitions with the advantage of in-house creative designers combined with production facilities.
  • A track record of over 24 years with a multi-national client list that proves our efficiency.
  • Renowned for rush projects execution in any venue in UAE.
  • Logistics, installation and storage services of exhibition stands including assistance for UAE visa and hotel accommodation.
  • Proficient in handling prerequisites of all exhibition centres in UAE.
  • Free design support for shell schemes and modular exhibition stands.
  • Highly competitive for pavilions of modular or custom requirements.
  • Our stand rental solution comes in a complete package.

Scope of exhibiting in UAE in the light of Expo 2020

  • The Dubai World Expo 2020 would be the first to be held in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (Menasa) region. With its huge purpose-built exhibition halls and luxury hotels, UAE provides a unique gateway to the Middle East and Asia.
  • It would be the first time in the history of the World Expo, that as much as 70 per cent of the expected 25 million visitors are international. This means Dubai Expo 2020 would offer opportunity for both the developed and the developing world.
  • UAE’s preparations for the 2020 Expo have opened a hub of opportunities for investors and exhibitors across the world. According to a recent survey, the business sectors which are in demand in UAE includes advertising/media/communications, financial services, real estate, retail, telecoms, and tourism/hospitality.

Saudi boarders are clogged with delayed shipments which can affect your exhibition. Here is our factory rental solution to crack it!

InstoreMasters being one of the most trusted exhibition contractors in UAE, is already been approached by many prestigious clients as part of gearing up their presence in the UAE. We ensure our clients a successful exhibition under our personal guidance. You can focus on the planning and execution of your exhibition, whilst we will effectively facilitate your exhibition stand with complete responsibility, so that you can come to the venue on day one and leave the stand behind for us to settle with the event. We provide our services in any exhibition venue in UAE- Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre, Airport Expo Centre, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre, Grand Hyatt Convention Centre, Expo Centre Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah Exhibition Centre, to name a few.

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A Few Clients Who Appreciate Us
    Design Consultancy
Exhibition Design Consultancy

Exhibition Design Consultancy

With our 25 years of industry experience and expertise our design team knows what works well for you. We design everything in tune with your budget without compromising the quality. We create exhibition booths that are compelling to the target markets with their elegance and creativity.
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We put creativity and passion while working on each design and so our designs inspire organizations and excite customers. We communicate effectively with our clients to understand their requirements and the markets they are focussing on.

We undertake all aspects of a project including concept and design, as well as computer imaging, graphics etc. We are well equipped to undertake the majority of project design elements in-house, thereby increasing efficiency and ensuring exceptional customer experiences for our global exhibitions.

             Custom Pavilion
Custom Pavilion

Custom Exhibition Stands

Custom exhibition stands is a tailor-made and outstanding exhibition stand that gets your brand to a wider audience. Combined with tailored design elements, each exhibition stand is an ideal balance between attractive visuals and wallet friendly value.
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With the experience and expertise of InstoreMasters, we deliver incomparable custom exhibition stands by understanding your objectives. Through our design expertise that spans over 25 years, we give your stand a personal touch. We often incorporate custom elements into the stand design that exclusively characterize your brand. We also provide exhibition stand redesign services. You will benefit from our years of experience when InstoreMasters manages your project. We provide maximum flexibility in design options, and ensure the highest quality.

                   Rental Stands
Rental Stands

Rental Exhibition Stands

If you are going for one time exhibition, or your requirements are likely to change constantly, then rental exhibition stand is the best choice. Exhibiting at trade shows can be a large investment, but you can save money and storage space by hiring exhibition stands.
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Our rental service takes the stress out of you and ensures a successful exhibition without a long-term investment. You can save cost immensely by hiring exhibition stands from InstoreMasters. Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand

Apart from financial advantages, hiring an exhibition stand has many benefits such as:

•   A tension free exhibiting
•   Maximum output without long-term investment
•   Any size of exhibition stand can be hired
•   Low environmental impact
•   No need to search for storage facility

        Reusable Pavilion
Modular, Portable and Reusable Pavilion

Reusable Exhibition Stands

Reusable exhibition stand can be used for a long time. It can give a totally fresh and new look to your exhibition stand each time. With a totally reusable and re-designable exhibition stand like ExhiBest you can configure it to any size and shape as required.
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ExhiBest is an exclusive exhibition stand system from InstoreMasters which is quick to build, re-usable, highly portable and eco-friendly. You can redesign the stand each time by adding or removing elements according to the size requirement. ExhiBest can be used for all kinds of exhibitions since it provides great flexibility of usage along with an attractive design.

A tool free installation and easy shipping and storage are its other highlights. It is very economical compared to the standard exhibition stands because of its reusability and easy to set up technique. It drastically reduces cost for those who exhibit multiple-times a year, especially multinational exhibitors.
To know more about ExhiBest visit, www.

                     Shell Scheme
Shell Scheme

Shell Scheme

A shell scheme is the simplest exhibition stand which is based on a modular system of poles and panels that can be easily configured to suit any size of the rented space. With shell scheme system exhibitors can easily mount their graphics on its walls and add the necessary add ons. Usually shell scheme wall consists of plywood attached to timber frames with taped joints
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If you are exhibiting for the first time, shell scheme would be the budget friendly option. We provide graphic panels in a variety of colours and font styles from which you can choose to reinforce your corporate identity. From our easily accessible head office in Dubai, shell scheme and exhibition stand projects are easily designed and managed for exhibitors across the world. We offer a hassle free service with trendy designs at affordable prices.

From our easily accessed head offices in Saudi Arabia, shell scheme and exhibition stand projects are easily designed and managed for exhibitors across the world. We offer a true hassle free service with eye-catching designs at highly competitive prices that stays within your budget.

 Installation Services
Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Exhibition Installation and Storage Services

Generally, setting up an exhibition stand is a tedious work and can even cause minor nervous breakdown to an exhibitor. Our in-house installation specialists take care of every minute detail of your project. Our associates are available in all cities in UAE.
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We always allocate installation teams for each client, regardless of the size of the project. We utilises our partner network across the world to reduce shipping costs. We offer storage of materials for clients at competitive rates in our warehouses. It’s easy for us to organise the transferring of exhibition equipment to any location around the GCC through our partners. Our warehouse staffs check if all the materials are in proper function before shipping it to the venue.

      Exhibition Displays
Exhibition Display Supplies

Exhibition Display Supplies

InstoreMasters provide our clients with all the necessary display supplies needed to make your exhibition stand the centre of attraction. We supply beautiful displays that are portable and easy to install.
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Our online trade show display product gallery shows the samples of every display product. We have partners around the world so that you can find absolutely everything you need for your exhibition at the most competitive prices. If you are not sure about which kind of trade show display is needed for your exhibition, we can help you.

                   Truss Systems
Truss Systems

Truss Systems

Truss systems are tough and durable aluminium frames on which display panels, lights and shelves are attached to create an exhibition pavilion. These systems can be assembled without using many tools, and many of the units can be set-up with a few people in a short time.
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We offer a wide range of truss systems which are easy to build and carry. A wide set of add-on options are also available. Truss system can be configured to suit any size and shape, from the standard solutions to complex exhibition designs and is also customizable according to the preferred sizes.

                    Business Gifts
Promotional Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways

Offering corporate gifts has a great role in promoting a brand. We supply a number of exciting and innovative promotional products and corporate gifts to help promote your business. Business gifts like pen, mug, USB memory stick, T-shirt, mouse pad, bag and golf bag imprinted with the brand name are common at trade shows. We supply all kinds of business gifts, giveaways and other promotional items that can promote your brand value.
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Our tradeshow giveaways are mostly eco friendly. We can assist you in communicating your message efficiently and economically by utilizing the most creative and innovative promotional products. We have a separate division for handling this particular category to provide you with trendy products.

                            Event Host
Event Hosting Personnel

Event Hosting Personnel

A professional event hosting personnel can definitely make your exhibition more interesting to the visitors. If you are looking for a professional, reliable and attractive staff for hosting your exhibition, then we have some expert persons for you. We provide efficient professionals for addressing and demonstrations.
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