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Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Merchandise worth over $13 billion is stolen from retail establishments a year! A shocking statistic that will scare even the calmest of all retailers. If you are one of those retailers who are constantly afraid of shoplifters and burglary, then installing security cameras and surveillance systems are the only guaranteed solution. But who do you approach for top notch security and surveillance systems? This is where instoreMasters comes to your aid.

With our 20 year track record and wide chain of trustworthy partners and affiliates, instoreMasters has grown to be the premier solution provider for the niche BTL (Below-the-line) in the Middle East. Our wide choice of security and surveillance systems is enough to satisfy any type of client requirement. We are connected with noted partners who always supply us with the latest cutting edge security systems for retail and businesses. Our cameras are equipped with internet protocol and installation takes place in minutes!

Security Cameras and Surveillance systems

90% of all retail security systems nowadays require minimum or no efforts from the staff at a retail establishment. Such is the level of sophistication of surveillance systems that are available today. They make sure that the retail establishment is safe from breaking and entering, shoplifters and employee theft. The data monitored from security cameras can also be used as documentation in industrial espionage and as evidence in court cases.

InstoreMasters is the most trusted solution provider for supply and installation of different types of security cameras like Dome cameras, Box Cameras, Bullet cameras, Speed Dome cameras and Standalone DVR’s. We are partnered with international suppliers that provide top quality cutting-edge CCTV’s, intelligent motion tracking and other security systems. So whether your requirement is large or small or with a strict time limit, we can provide quick and easy solutions. We also supply advanced systems with cameras that are vandal resistant and tamper-proof.

Most retailers are scared of the expense of installing CCTV’s. But it is not as costly as you would think. A basic version or entry level system with four cameras and a digital recorder is not too expensive to install. There are many varieties of systems that can be customized to fit your retail requirements. They come with sophisticated software which when combined with high speed internet can be controlled, monitored and accessed by the owner anywhere in the world.

Our team will advise you on the most suitable security system for your particular business and also install them in the correct locations. We will also be able to update and modify your old CCTV systems with latest technology if needed.

Access Control

Large offices and certain sections of retail organizations are key security areas where entry is strictly for staff. In such places access control is the most effective way to make sure that nobody unauthorized gets in. A person of authority controls the system and monitors the access provisions of the persons that can enter a building.