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Timely information and news have helped industry leaders all around the world to keep in touch with the happenings in their own industry and better their prospects. In the section we have selected news and happenings in the BTL industry as when they happen.

Gold Kiosks launched in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is getting its gold fix with gold kiosks coming up all over the city. All the major casinos, malls, jewellery stores, cruise lines, airports and department stores will have these kiosks. The gold kiosk has a 42 inch touch screen and customers can buy 24k gold bar cards with their preferred weight ..... >>>more
Order meals on iPad, Get it by a Kiosk.

Ordering food and getting it served has acquired a new meaning. Now passengers traveling via the New York Airports, JFK and La Guardia can order meals from an iPad and get it delivered through dedicated kiosks set up near newly installed gate areas. The customer can choose from a range of dishes to eat or to go..... >>>more

Robotic Kiosks for Reebok

Now robotic kiosks are going to sell Reebok products. Zoomshops, a hi-tech kiosk by Sephora set up at 20 locations including airports, malls and resorts in USA. The specialty is that there is not a single salesperson in the kiosk. Robotic arms retrieve products according to the customer’s request. The Zoomshop.... >>>more

Touch Screen Kiosks introduced at San Diego Zoo

Touch Screen Kiosks have come up in San Diego Zoo giving new meaning to fast and efficient customer feedback. This Kiosk will help the zoo visitors to comment about their experience in the zoo and also provide suggestions for improvement. They can also request assistance in case of any problem.... >>>more

Worldwide Outdoor Advertising Market to cross US$23.9 Billion by 2015

It is good news for the Global Outdoor Advertising market as it triumphantly comes out of the recession and is expected to exceed a whopping $23.9billion by 2015. This is according to a new report titled, “Outdoor Advertising: A Global Strategic Business Report” by Global Industry Analysts, Inc..... >>>more