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FAQ on Mannequins

Question 1 : Where are you based? Can I come and see your mannequins?

Answer 1   : Of course yes. You are always welcome to visit our showroom in Dubai.

Question 2 : Do you rent or sell any other products besides mannequins?

Answer 2   : Yes, please check the various product categories listed on our website.

Question 3 : Can you repair a broken mannequin?

Answer 3   : It depends on which kind of repairing is requested. Please check it with our customer representative directly.

Question 4 : Do you sell used mannequins as well as new mannequins?

Answer 4   : No, we sell only new mannequins.

Question 5 : Do you rent mannequins for tradeshows and other events??

Answer 5   : Yes, we rent mannequins for all events. Our rental mannequins can be used for all retail, fashion and exhibition.

Question 6 : Do you offer return policies on rental mannequins?

Answer 6   : Yes, if the mannequin is damaged we will replace it, depending on the terms and conditions under which it was facilitated.

Question 7 : Can I change the pose of a mannequin?

Answer 7  : No, the posture of mannequins cannot be changed. We provide mannequins in different styles and poses. If you want a mannequin posture or position which we currently don't have in our mannequin gallery, we will provide it on request.

Question 8 : Do you sell mannequins in bulk orders at a discount?

Answer 8   : Yes, we provide bulk mannequins at a discounted price. Contact us for more information.

Question 9 : What will be the shipping charge?

Answer 9   : Shipping charges are determined by the weight and size of the package and it also depends on the destination it is being shipped out to.

Question 10 : Do you ship mannequins to my country?

Answer 10   : There’s a field in our inquiry form asking for your location. If the destination does not come under our shipping proximities we will inform you so that you can arrange the shipping yourself.

Question 11 : You don't have the mannequin model I want. Can I request a customised mannequin?

Answer 11  : Yes, you can request for a customised mannequin model. Tell us the details.

Question 12 : Can I apply make-up on the mannequin?

Answer 12   : No, we have mannequins with and without make-ups. You can choose from our fashion mannequins if you want a mannequin with make-up or request a customised one.

Question 13 : I am looking for about 40 mannequins to rent for a week in Dubai. This would need to be delivered in the next couple of weeks. Is it possible?

Answer 13  : If we are not out of stock we attend all urgent requirements. There won’t be much problem if the mannequin is to be delivered in Dubai. But in other locations shipping time matters too. So it’s always better to book mannequins in advance especially rental mannequins.

Question 14 : My fashion store is getting inaugurated in Dubai. I ordered and purchased some mannequins for the purpose, but a few mannequins got damaged while shipping. Now it’s an emergency situation where I need to rent a few. Do you have mannequins for rent at affordable rates in Dubai?

Answer 14   : Yes, we are based in Dubai and we supply rental mannequins at affordable prices.

Question 15 :. Can you tell me the approximate price of plastic dress forms?

Answer 15   : Plastic mannequins would come between $100 and $200. These are cheaper in price and good in quality. We would recommend special mannequins from InstoreMasters if you are ready for a long term investment in mannequins. These are exceptional in quality and classy in look.

Check our plastic mannequins here:

Male mannequins : Plastic Mannequins (Male)
Female mannequins : Plastic Mannequins (Female)
Special mannequins : Special mannequins

Question 16 : I am a fashion designer. Is there any kind of mannequins specially designed for garment manufacturing industry? or tell me where I can get some customised mannequins with the required poses?

Answer 16   : You can find here some amazing collection of fashion mannequins with a variety of poses.
Fashion mannequins (Female)
Fashion mannequins (Male):

Question 17 : Can you tell me the cost for the rental mannequin?

Answer 17   : The cost of rental mannequin depends on the material, destination and the number of days for which it is to be hired. Please send us an inquiry to get the quote.

Question 18 : I checked your online mannequin collection and found the special mannequins extremely stunning. What do they cost? Are they expensive?

Answer 18   : Our special mannequins are specially crafted by some of the best designers and the quality of the mannequin is also outstanding. They can be used for any occasion and are a bit expensive. But it would be worth your money though you have to spend a little bit of extra amount.

These are some of the frequently asked questions about mannequins. If you have more questions please contact us.