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Suppliers/designers of POP displays, POS design, banner stands, Posters and dispensers in Dubai, Saudi.

Suspended Signs/Posters

Choose sturdy and high quality display frames from instoreMasters. We are connected with international suppliers and partners who supply supermarket accessories, shelving, frames, signs and all kinds of display solutions. Sturdy frames are made to use in a hypermarket, supermarket or department store chains as they cost a fraction of other types of poster frames.

Display frames guide the customer and highlight necessary information about a product. They can be fixed on any support using magnetic, mechanical or adhesive products and posters can be easily as and when needed. They are the best choices for in-store communication.

We at instoreMasters use the latest available technology in designing and creating retail environments that will appeal to today’s net savvy generation. We use superior equipments for determining in-store traffic flow to produce the best comprehensive fixture solution for the customer's specific needs.

Suspended Signs-SS-LPP 066-01 Y-shaped clamp, with Ø 4 mm oriffice, for ceiling grids. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPP 066-01
Suspended Signs-SS-LPP 016-03 Clamp with hanging ring for ceiling grids. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs
SS-LPP 016-03
Suspended Signs-SS-LPP 036-03 Ring with round adhesive base Ø 20 mm, for ceiling suspension. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPP 036-03
Suspended Signs-SS-LPP 008-03 Hook with adhesive base 25x25 mm for ceilling suspension. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPP 008-03
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Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 019-01 Steel clamp for hanging onto ceiling grids. Available color: silver. MU: 100 pcs
SS-LPM 019-01
Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 002-03 Steel spring with afterflow. Available color: zinc-plated. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPM 002-03  Maximum extension: 1.5 m; for 1500-3500 kg loads.
Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 004-03 Suspension hook with winding nylon wire, 1500 mm. Available color: zincplated. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPM 004-03
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Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 034-17 C-shaped sharp hook, 39 mm in length, made of 2 mm steel wire. Available color: zinc-plated. MU: 1000 pcs.
SS-LPM 034-17
Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 058-01 Metallic clamp in pear-shape for Ø 35 mm tube hanging. Available finish: zinc-plated.
SS-LPM 058-01
Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 024-01/1000 V-shaped aluminum hanging profile, 43x40x1000 mm (hxwxL). To be used with all the series 1 frames accessories. Available color: anodized aluminium.
SS-LPM 024-01/1000



Suspended Signs-SS-LPM 025-01/1000 Aluminium hanging profile, 20x40x1000 mm. Maximum available length: 6 m. Available color: anodized aluminium.
SS-LPM 025-01/1000



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Suspended Signs-SS-LAM 111-00 Metallic connector, 100x14x4 mm, with two 4x10 screws and one 4x20 screw hoop.
SS-LAM 111-00



Suspended Signs-SS-LAP 019-01/1000 PVC perforated rail, with LPM 025 and LPM 028 profiles, used as intermediary accessory between the aluminium profile and the hanged markers. Maximum available length: 3 m. Available color: clear.
SS-LAP 019-01/1000


Suspended Signs-SS-LAP 021-01 Corner connector for LPM 025 and LPM 028. Delivered with two identical parts which unasammbled are used for LPM 024 and assembled are used for LPM 028. Available color: grey.
SS-LAP 021-01
Suspended Signs-SS-LPP 011-03 The tri-frame panneling system allows the display of three prints in triangular section. Delivered in a set of 2 triangles and the hanging system. Available color: white.
SS-LPP 011-03  Small tri-frame for prints of width between 250 and 600 mm. Distance between the holes: 156 mm, hole diameter: 5,5 mm.
SS-LPP 012-03  Tri-frame for prints of width between 370 and 1000mm. Distance between holes: 310 mm, hole diameter: 5,5 mm.
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Suspended Signs-SS-RAP 092-00 PVC display pockets with two metallic clamps for hanging. May be opened in the lower side, to easily insert the poster. Available color: clear.
SS-RAP 092-00  A3P format.
SS-RAP 175-00  500 x 700 mm format, portrait.
RAP 176-00  700 x 1000 mm format, portrait.
Suspended Signs-SS-LPE 001-27/1000-SS-LAP 045-27 Plastic profile clamp for poster hanging, 16x1000 mm. Available color: white, clear. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPE 001-27/1000
SS-LAP 045-27
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Suspended Signs-SS-LPE 004-27/1000 J-shaped adhesive profile with adhesive tape, for hanging prints over the walls, 14x1000 mm. Available color: clear. MU: 100 pcs.
SS-LPE 004-27/1000
Suspended Signs-SS-VPM 066-01/1000 H-shaped anodized aluminium profile, 40x1000 mm, for hanging prints. Inside it has ferm grip plastic-rubber rolls that lock the print in the inlet.
SS-VPM 066-01/1000
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