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Suppliers/designers of POP displays, POS design, banner stands, Posters and dispensers in Dubai, Saudi.

Shelf labelling-System

Choose sturdy and high quality display frames from instoreMasters. We are connected with international suppliers and partners who supply supermarket accessories, shelving, frames, signs and all kinds of display solutions. Sturdy frames are made to use in a hypermarket, supermarket or department store chains as they cost a fraction of other types of poster frames.

Display frames guide the customer and highlight necessary information about a product. They can be fixed on any support using magnetic, mechanical or adhesive products and posters can be easily as and when needed. They are the best choices for in-store communication.

We at instoreMasters use the latest available technology in designing and creating retail environments that will appeal to today’s net savvy generation. We use superior equipments for determining in-store traffic flow to produce the best comprehensive fixture solution for the customer's specific needs.

The DBR rails with adhesive back (usually equiped with one or two rows of 9mm adhesive foam, depending on the rail height) may be fastened onto any plane surfaces. On request we can also supply scanning rails with clear film adhesive.
SL-PPE 006-27  label height 52 mm, with grip.
SL-PPE 088-27  label height 80 mm, 2 adhesive rows, no grip.
DBR rail, label height 52 mm, with adhesive foam 9 mm and clip for the fixing the doubling rails. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-PPE 138-27  
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The TE scanning rails are designed for mechanical fixing on the TEGOMETALL shelves. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-PPE 009-27  label height 32 mm.
SL-PPE 011-27  label height 52 mm. Product available in our stock.
SL-PPE 096-27  label height 80 mm.
„C“ scanning rail with 9 mm adhesive foam -used for the direct posting of the labels. MU:100 pcs.
SL-PPE 089-27  label height 39 mm.
SL-PPE 136-27  label height 58 mm, 2 adhesive rows.
SL-PPE 131-27  label height 107 mm, 2 adhesive rows.
Double scanning rail with label height of 39+39 mm with adhesive fixing on ho rizon - tal surface, inclination 30°. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-PPE 085-27
Label holder for wire T hook with a maximum diameter of 7 mm. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-PPE 028-27/0100  label height 39 mm.
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Label holder for wire T hook with a maximum diameter of 8 mm, label height 39 mm. The slightly curved form allows the posting of the label at greater heights. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-PPE 065-48/0100
Rigid polystyrene stopper with low fixing on label holder profiles for prints with a maximum thickness of 0,6 mm. Available color: clear.
SL-FPP 075-01
UParallel stopper with spring, adhesive round soles Ø 19 mm. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-LPX 024-03
Parallel stopper with spring, suction cup Ø 25 mm, round sole Ø 19 mm. Available color: white. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-LPX 025-03
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Self-adhesive shelf wobbler from PVC, 75 mm. Available color: clear. MU: 100 pcs.
SL-LPP 020-03
Flag with adhesive fastening stand and clear PVC pocket. Inclinement towards the vertical: 75°. Available color for the tube and the stand: white. Available color for the cork and the stopper: red, green, blue, yellow.
SL-LPP 024-03  Portrait A3 pocket.
SL-LPP 025-03  Landscape A3 pocket.
Inclined rod with adhesive base. May be used for the hanging of various items or prints, with or without the tubes of Ø 8 mm.
SL-MPP 043-03
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